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mysap Implementation including SEM BPS / BCS

Kunde: Worlds largest power train company
Dauer: 12 Month

In the first stage, the client is implementing SAP Enterprise plus SAP BW / SEM (3.5) for the Finance and Indirect Materials related processes. The scope of the program includes System Implementation in 15 locations in Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, and Sweden as well as the related Hosting and Application Maintenance Services until 2010.

-Role: SEM-team lead for all SEM related processes and activities (4 FTE consultants) to ensure go-live according to overall project plan
-Creating the consolidation blueprint for SEM-BCS (BW-based)
Managing integration issues between BCS, BPS and BW-team as well as SAP Enterprise core teams
-Defining an appropriate implementation strategy for BW/SEM in total
-Detailing the business blueprint for SEM-BPS (planning processes, designing a data model, user interface etc.)
-Implementing (realization phase) SEM BPS 3.5 for all budgeting processes
-Preparing the integration test