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>>Why Business Intelligence for your company?

Business Intelligence (BI) or rather Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) in a closer sense means:

What is the SEM process?

Vergrößerte Darstellung hier:







Best practice company in this area:

  • Strategic Planning
    • 58% of surveyed companies tie compensation to strategic plans
    • 75% of strategic planning time and attention should be spent analysing customers, competitors, and capabilities
  • Planning/Budgeting
    • Best practice companies complete their budgets in 32 days
    • Best practice companies consolidate fewer than 30 lines at the corporate P/L and B/S level
    • 40% of surveyed companies have automated budget consolidation
    • 33% have fully integrated technology, i.e. budgeting, forecasting, reporting, G/L
  • Forecasting
    • Best practice companies complete their forecasts in 3 days
    • It takes 2.7 FTE’s per $1 Billion in revenue for best practice companies to plan, budget and forecast
    • 22% of surveyed companies utilize a rolling forecast

      (Source: IBM Analysis 2001)

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